Statement on Passing of SB 256, ending Life Without Parole for youth in Ohio (12/18/20)

Following the Ohio Legislature’s vote to pass Senate Bill 256 in the House,
eliminating the ability to sentence juveniles to life without parole, Kenza Kamal, Policy Director at the Juvenile Justice Coalition of Ohio (JJC), released the following statement:
We applaud the Ohio Legislature for voting to end the cruel practice of sentencing juveniles to life without parole with an overwhelming majority. JJC has advocated to end these harsh sentences for years, and we’re proud to have joined the activists, organizations, and families and young people harmed by the juvenile criminal system who supported the passage of S.B. 256. The passing of this bill is long overdue, and we await Governor DeWine’s signature to enact the law and modify the sentence of any young people currently incarcerated with life without parole.Read More…