The Juvenile Justice Coalition (Ohio) (JJC) was formed in 1993 to advocate for youth involved in the juvenile justice system in Ohio.  JJC is committed to providing current research and statistics, training opportunities and a forum to communicate with the government, community organizations and the general public on matters related to juvenile justice.


JJC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to work individually and in partnership with other organizations to ensure that Ohio’s juvenile justice system – from prevention through involvement with the adult court – works effectively to increase positive outcomes for youth, families and communities. JJC supports efforts to reduce youth’s involvement with the juvenile justice system that are community-based, research informed, culturally appropriate, and to put all of Ohio’s youth on a path to success.

Vision:  We envision a juvenile justice system that benefits all Ohioans by helping the system better respond to youth and community needs to achieve long-term success, stability, and safety.