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Cost & Benefits of Ohio’s Juvenile Justice System

Ohio Cost & Benefits of JJ System.  This brochure, released in October 2011, illustrates the costs & benefits of investing in Ohio’s youth.

Summary of Juvenile Justice Provisions in HB 86 & the State budget

Attached is summary of the juvenile justice provisions of HB 86 & the Ohio budget as passed by the Ohio General Assembly in June 2011.  The Juvenile Justice Coalition was part of a coalition that worked to pass the provisions.AmHB86 summary 7-11-11

Juvenile Justice Reform

The attached letter to the editor was published in the June 18, 2011 edition of the Columbus Dispatch to promote the passage of the juvenile justice reform provisions in House Bill 86. LTE 6-14-11

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Juvenile Justice Coalition submitted a letter to the U.S. Attorney General, recommending changes to the Department’s draft regulations for the prevention, detection, response, and monitoring of sexual abuse in custody and responding to questions posed for public comment. JJC PREA letter 3-31-11

Rightsizing Juvenile Justice in Ohio

Rightsizing Juvenile Justice in Ohio 2-16-11

On the Right Path

Publication: On The Right Path : Moving Toward a Safe, Sound and Cost Effective Juvenile Justice System in Ohio : by AuthorChildren’s Law Center, Inc. Date

As states and local jurisdictions continue to face a fiscal crisis with little sign of abatement, policymakers must make smart choices about legislation and budgets. Ohio has been undergoing significant institutional juvenile justice reform. Now is the time to not only continue on that path, but ensure sustainability of these reforms for the future well-being of Ohio’s youth and economy. This fact sheet highlights the growing research about what are practical methods of preventing and reducing juvenile crime; ultimately making communities safer.

Juvenile Justice Reform bill

In June 2009, Ohio State Representative Tracy Maxwell Heard introduced HB 235to reform Ohio juvenile justice system.  Advocates throughout the state came together to help with this legislation.

letter to the editor on troubled facilities

On December 2, 2010, JJC submitted letters to the editor of major Ohio newspapers regarding our concerns with ODYS facilities.

JJDPA Reauthorization

JJDPA is up for reauthorization — please contact your senator for support!

2010 Ohio Candidate Juvenile Justice Questions

JJC has developed questions for Ohio’s citizens who are interested in juvenile justice reform to ask state candidates. The following questions & background information are offered as guidance.

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