JJC is an Ohio-based organization utilizing advocacy efforts, including legislative and regulatory advocacy, organizing, coalition building, and public education efforts, to improve Ohio’s juvenile justice system.  Click here to view our strategic plan for 2015-2018.  Through this work, JJC works to:

Track statewide policies:  JJC monitors legislative, regulatory, budgetary, and court-based changes to the juvenile justice field in Ohio.

Organize youth and families:  JJC works to organize youth who are at-risk of involvement or involved in the juvenile courts and their families.   JJC helps to support youth as their cases progress, connect youth and families with community-based services, and involves youth and families in policy conversations, including testifying in the legislature.

Increase public engagement:  JJC works to get the general public, who fund juvenile justice programs in the state through taxpayer dollars, more involved in Ohio’s juvenile justice system.  In addition, JJC works to elevate the voices of those directly affected by the system, including youth who have been through the juvenile justice system, their families, and their communities.

Provide trainings:  JJC provides research-based trainings on juvenile justice system involvement to a variety of stakeholders.

Participate in relevant coalitions:  JJC belongs to several statewide and national coalitions, including the Ohio Juvenile Justice Alliance,  the Sentencing Commission, the Ohio Justice Alliance for Community Corrections, and the National Juvenile Justice Network.