Dayton Daily News on Incarcerating Youth:  On May 16, 2017, the Dayton Daily News published an article that included an interview with JJC’s Executive Director examining how Ohio spends funding on youth involved in the juvenile courts, including youth in correctional facilities.

Vice Covers Bresha Meadows Case:  On March 15, 2017, Vice News covered the story of Bresha Meadows, an Ohio girl involved in the juvenile court system for killing her father, who is alleged to have abused the family.  JJC’s Executive Director was featured in the story.




All Sides With Ann Fisher Radio Show:  On June 10, 2015, JJC’s Executive Director Erin Davies appeared on the All Sides Radio Show with Ann Fisher on WOSU to discuss youth in the adult and juvenile justice systems.  The show is archived here.

Columbus Dispatch Covers Lack of Juvenile System Data Collection:  In May 2015, the Columbus Dispatch published an article on the lack of data collection on youth involved in juvenile court in Ohio.    The Dispatch followed up with an editorial calling for Ohio to improve it’s juvenile justice system data collection, stating  The editorial states “Ohio’s juvenile-justice system desperately needs a comprehensive, statewide database that employs modern technology…[and that] Courts should be able share data and the public should have easy access to analyze it for research and accountability purposes.”

Coverage of OJJA Fact Sheet Release:  In March 2015, the Ohio Juvenile Justice Association held a press conference to release a fact sheet series on Ohio’s juvenile justice system; for more details see the event’s press release.  The release was covered by the Columbus Dispatch, which wrote an article , and on WOSU’s radio program All Sides with Ann Fisher (listen to the archived program here).